Tips on getting Ableton Live to play nice with your clips

Ableton Live holds a special place in my heart as one of the finest pieces of audio software, IMHO, ever built. However, even Paradise has rainy days, and sometimes Live guesses the tempo of your imported clips incorrectly. Here are a couple of tips I use to get my toes tapping at the right tempo.

1. Bring the loop into LIVE.

2. if LIVE guesses the tempo correctly, which is a good 95% of the time, we do the dance of joy and repeat the procedure from step 1 with the next loops.

3. if LIVE guesses the tempo wrong, we do not despair but rather do as follows;

  • delete the green warp marker at the end of the clip
  • change the orig. BPM value to be what the tempo SHOULD BE, as in the PROTOOLS (or other multi-tracking software) session.
  • Drag the right arrow that denotes “clip end” back all the way to the right – to where the clip should end!
  • TEST
  • With success, do the dance of joy!

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